Conqueror Ministries has 5 categorical resources for you, your sons, brothers, nephews, fathers to begin exposure to the empowering, Biblical truth which transforms them into more than conquerors one day at a time.
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All Conqueror Ministries content is based on the Word of God
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Reverend Darrin D. Payne
aka Rev. D

Bond-servant of the Spirit of Christ

Welcome to Conqueror Ministries. Each ministry is developed with the sole purpose of helping men recover from the storms of life by living the Conqueror Lifestyle.  I am available to come speak, preach and minister the Conqueror Lifestyle. My primary focus is to empower men (22-55), who are recovering from addiction, alcoholism, divorce and other trials/tribulations, with Biblical truth that transforms us from within. The Conqueror Lifestyle changed my life and it will do the same for you.

God has blessed me to realize this life-changing process more than 10 years ago. I was delivered from a multitude of life issues - dreadful circumstances tailor made by God to reveal the Conqueror Lifestyle to me. My story will convince you of the authenticity of my call to help other men - young & old - around the world realize God's Powerful, life-changing methods to capture and captivate us with His grace and execute His Divine plan in us all.

In order for you to know me it became necessary to begin with the composition "A Conqueror In Training." My life's story is told from birth to age 23-the year I married my wife. I reveal my gut-wrenching childhood with retrospective candor. To date it is my best selling work. People have literally responded in amazement "Darrin you are a miracle...Only God..." By His grace I share my truth and how the gospel of the grace of God kept me from staying lost in trespassess and sin.

Like Yolanda Adam's sings, "I've come through many hard trials and tribulations with temptations on every hand." I know what it feels like to have it all and be on top of the world. I also know what it is like to loose it all and be in extreme peril, lost, sick, full of loneliness and paralyzed by fear. From social struggles, extreme family issues, career losses and extreme physical hardships, another line of her song rings true for me: "Through the tears and all of my fears, the LORD was there to keep me for He kept me in the midst of it all."  I am blessed to have first-hand experience with the production of these life-changing, empowering qualities in me. Now I am available to help men develop and maintain the Conqueror Lifestyle.
I look forward to serving you all.